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When You're Looking for Growth,
We Can Help

All services offered will be done with respect to the environment using the

principles of permaculture and traditional land management whenever possible.

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Design through Build Installation

We don’t shy away from the big stuff at SplitPea. Let us work with you to design and build what you want. All of our landscape plans are created using earth first concepts and methods. 

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Pollinator Spaces 

 We are masters at the pollinator game! Supporting our pollinators and beneficial insects means we get to keep growing food and looking at this beautiful earth! Let’s get you set up with a pollinator habitat that supports our insect friends and brings life back to your space.

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Edible Landscaping

Edible landscaping supports intentional interaction with your space. It allows you to grow perennial foods and medicine and incorporate annual veggies throughout. Earth first, self sufficiency is the center of this landscape style.

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Xeriscaping is a great way to grow a space with little to no additional water, usually pulling in native and very drought tolerant plants. Many xeriscaped spaces are lower maintenance and naturalized allowing plants to grow and move as they please.

Habitat Spaces

Whether we like it or not, our homes have displaced much of the valley’s wildlife. We want to work with you to set up habitats that provide food, shelter, nesting and bedding resources for the animals that were here before us. We have a great list of supportive plants, trees, and shrubs to help your landscape mature without becoming consumed by wildlife before it can handle a gentle browsing. 

Love bird watching? We will help come up with a plan that keeps you glued to the bird TV all weekend long.


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Firewise Landscaping

Firewise landscapes help by utilizing low burn materials and plants that are less flammable. We understand that with homes backing up to the wildland, they also share the drought and increasing summer temperatures. Let us help define and maintain firewise zones in your landscape design to help keep your home safe. Learn more about firewise landscapes here.

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Native and Regional Plant Gardens

Native and regionally appropriate plants typically need less water, less soil nutrition and support native insects and birds. We are able to create a plan that puts the right plant in the right place so we can use our resources wisely, and honor our desert climate. This helps support the ecosystem we love.

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DIY Consulting

Have a great spot for a project you are ready to take on, but you feel overwhelmed with where to start? We can help! We offer consulting for those who just need a starting point or a little guidance to doing it yourself. We come for a site visit and walk around chatting plans, plants and processes while you take notes to implement.


The SplitPea team are certified Idaho Firewise Landscape Professionals, and can help you create survivable spaces around Idaho homes and communities.

find out more about the every yard counts program by Idaho Firewise


SplitPea is a small group of hard working women! Keeping that in mind, we have a tight perimeter to maintain efficiency and affordability. We only offer residential services in the City of Boise.

Contact SplitPea

Thanks for submitting! Please remember we will be busy until September and unable to look at new projects until that time!

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