We Are SplitPea

We believe that edible landscaping and beautiful landscaping can coexist, and we'd love to show you how.



Niky is the Owner and Operator of SplitPea Edible Landscaping. She is eager to help build community through land stewardship and education. She emphasizes the necessity for diverse landscaping to support productive crops, native pollinator and wildlife conservation, and healthy ecosystems. Following earth first principles, she enjoys setting up natural and closed loop systems to encourage less waste and higher output for a healthier future. 

​Niky has a small family and a gaggle of critters living on a quarter acre plot in Boise, Idaho. They are squeezing as much produce and pollinator space as they can onto their urban homestead. She loves the challenge of looking at existing spaces and creating a plan that maximizes systems already in place. Utilizing what is there first, water, nutrition, microclimates, topography you can build systems that thrive. Niky loves outdoor everything and recharges by backpacking and exploring through Idaho's glorious mountains.  

The thing Niky is most excited about in the upcoming season is continuing to explore the original "permaculture" practices within Indigenous communities, utilizing waste to create beneficial inputs and upping her fungi game!  She is consistently seeking knowledge by participating in workshops, mentorships, researching, connecting with the community and getting her hands dirty. Now in her ninth professional season, she is eager to inspire excitement around land stewardship and repair, sustainability and creative thinking in hope of securing a healthier future for our communities.



Brianna is joining SplitPea for her 7th season this year! Working closely with Niky, together they focus on earth first install work. Brianna will be taking the lead on some of the behind the scenes operations this season, keeping order of business on an efficient track. Don't blink when she is working, or you might miss her. She is always thinking of fluidity within processes and brings new perspective to systems in place. 

She loves all things outdoors! Sitting amongst the flowers and birds in her garden and hiking into the wilderness with just a pack on her back are her favorites. Brianna can find herself getting lost amongst the beauty and awe of the natural world. 

The work she does with SplitPea has taught her everything she knows about sustainability so far. Brianna gets most excited when she learns new and creative ways to use something, making it a multi-functional item. One of her favorite discoveries was one of the most demonized "weeds", the Dandelion! Dandy's are dynamic accumulators (google that term for some very cool info), the earliest pollinator fodder and every part of the plant can be used for human consumption too! Win! 

In 2021, Brianna got seriously excited about fungal activity in soil and how she can foster that activity in current and new spaces. Bring on the Fun-Gal experimenting! 


​Brianna has some favorites in the garden too! Lately she has been most excited about artichokes. Incorporating them as a show stoppers in edible landscapes and allowing them to bloom to support pollinators. What a cool plant!


​Michelle is joining the SplitPea team for the first time this year! She is a returning Idahoan currently living with family in Weiser while her home is under construction in Elmore County. She is a devoted wife and mother to her husband and grown children. She loves her running buddies/rescue pups, now 8 and 9 years old. She has run half marathons and hopes to run Robie Creek again, soon.  Michelle finds it gratifying using her physical abilities to accomplish tasks whether at home, work, or volunteering with Arrow Heart Adventure Camps. She has an affinity towards learning how things are made and enjoys the art of making them homemade, the “old fashioned “ way.

Michelle is excited to work her first season with SplitPea as the Greenhouse and Land Steward. She discovered the SplitPea interests are aligned with hers when it comes to the ecology of home landscapes. Michelle has a Bachelor of Science in Ecology from Idaho State University and is currently working on her Associates of Applied Science in Horticulture at CWI. She likes to test her creativity in the landscape setting. She has a keen interest in planting combinations for optimizing functional diversity. She is hoping to learn more about the processes of landscape design in a professional setting as she interns with SplitPea for school credit. She is excited to meet Splitpea’s clientele this season for she is eager to make new acquaintances, and grow her new community here along with her family.